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Modern Cambodian Cuisine

Fully Licensed

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Bernie (Bunnath) and Ivy You

Bernie & Ivy Welcome You!

Cambodian born Bernie (Bunnath), and his wife Ivy welcome you to Bunnath Kitchen - the Gold Coast’s first modern Cambodian cuisine restaurant.

You will experience the combination and flavours of authentic Khmer dishes, made from local and seasonal fresh produce. 


Enjoy the fresh tasty dishes and aromas of ‘kreoung’, ranging from mild to spicy (optional) for those who enjoy a fiery appetite.

Our menu is designed to be shared with good companions and complemented by our selection of beverages, followed by a sweet Cambodian delight.

We also offer Gift Vouchers  - a great idea for special occasions.



Khmer pronunciation ‘kreoung’ is a Cambodian word for ‘pounded spices and herbs paste’ that make the base flavours of many Cambodian dishes.  Their distinctly exotic flavours and aroma distinguishes Khmer dishes from neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.

Kreoung is tradition­­ally made by finely chopped herbs including lemongrass, turmeric and many others.  It is then grinded in a mortar and pestle, with modern kitchens often now using mechanical equipment. 

There are many variations of Kreoung - generally falling into three unique recipes of yellow, red or green Kreoung.  Kreoung is a uniquely individual recipe and we hope you enjoy Bunnath’s green Kreoung ‘signature blend’.­­­­

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